Tahoe Amateur Radio Association

 original TARA Logo 1976
TARA & ARRL for 43 Years!

It's 1975 and four lone "HAM" radio operators have gathered to pool their resources, ideas, and hopes into an organization. This organization would allow the Hams to communicate via "Handi-Talkie" from any location in the Tahoe basin and include much of the Carson Valley. From this simple beginning, TARA has grown to include a multitude of members from all walks of life, from the Carson Valley to the Bay area and beyond! Indeed, the first ideas have come true beyond the founders dreams! For it is now possible to communicate not only with the Carson Valley, but Sacramento, the Bay area, and much of the state of California with just a hand-held radio. (and now the WORLD thanks to ECHOLINK) This system of communications was put together by TARA not only to broaden the Amateur Radio experience, but to provide the local communities with emergency communications. The Tahoe Amateur Radio Association has grown because of its principles. It is our purpose to further the exchange of information and cooperation between members and our fellow Amateur Radio operators. Also to promote radio knowledge, individual operator efficiency, and along with club programs and activities, to advance the general interest and welfare of Amateur Radio in the community. We are an ARRL affiliated club, with over half the membership belonging to the league. ARRL Club Number: 0004001581 Click here to view TARA's Constitution and Bylaws. TARA owns and maintains four repeaters and "Sponsors" numerous additional Amateur Radio Systems to provide a well rounded "Communication" experience. Systems include:

1) 146.850 - low level for Tahoe Basin area (WA6EWV) 2) 147.240 - high level for Tahoe, Carson valley, + EchoLink (NR7A) 3) 442.475 - high level DMR Repeater (WA6EWV) 4) 443.700 - low level for Tahoe basin (WA6EWV) 5) 224.020 - high level for Tahoe, Carson valley, some Sacramento (NR7A) 6) 442.300 - high level FUSION repeater for Tahoe, Carson Valley (K5BLS) 7) 145.150 - low level Tahoe area, linked to Sacramento ICW System(N6ICW)

(one never knows who might visit TARA's operations !)
All TARA'S systems are open for use by all Ham Radio operators.
TARA also owns and maintains a
"Communication Van"
equipped with appropriate radio systems to provide a self-contained communication post for club functions and community emergencies.

TARA is headquartered in South Lake Tahoe, California,

and meets in the Tahoe Douglas Fire protection District Station 23 (Nevada),
on the second Saturday of each month, at 1pm, (Noon-brown bag lunch and social hour).
We direct a VHF net on the 147.24 repeater each Monday evening. This informal net meets at 7:30pm (local). Guest check-ins are most welcome !

We hope you'll come and visit us at Lake Tahoe.

Information is available locally on the 147.24 repeater.

73 from TARA!

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