Meeting and Events Schedule - 2018

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Date Time Description Additional Comments
Jan 13 Noon - 4:00 PM  Noon - Social Hour
General Meeting 1pm

Tech -2pm to 4pm
Regular Meeting Topics: Comm events for 2018
Tech Meeting - How does that radio work? DMR Analog etc
** **
Feb 10
BOD @ 11am
Noon - 2:00 PM

Tech -2pm to 4pm
11am BOD
Noon - Social Hour
1pm General Meeting

Technical Gathering Q&A
BOD - TARA Business
General meeting - Election Committee / Comm Events /

Tech - How does FT-8 work? A Presentation from Dave, KJ7WT!
Mar 10
Noon to 3pm Noon - Social Hour
General Meeting 1pm

Tech -2pm to 3pm
Tech Gathering:
Apr 14 Noon to 3pm Social hour: Noon - 1pm
Meeting 1pm - 2pm
Tech -2pm to 4pm
Installation of new Officers/Directors - Events Update 2018!
May 12 Noon to 4pm Social hour: Noon - 1pm
Meeting 1pm - 2pm
Tech -2pm to 4pm
Events Update 2018!
Technical Gathering
Technical Gathering: New Hams !Personal Experiences !
June 9 Noon to 3pm General Meeting
Tech Gathering
General Meeting: DR Information -- Tech Gathering RFI!
June 23/24 ---- Field Day !! No TARA Field Day due to Multi June Events
July 14 N/A General Meeting
No Meeting due to the "Death Ride"!
July 14 5am to 8pm The DEATH RIDE 2018!
Aug 11 N/A N/A
No Meeting Enjoy the Summer  !!
Oct 13 BOD-11am
** Board of Directors
General meeting
**Board meeting at 11am   
General meeting brown bag lunch at Noon   Regular meeting at 1pm.
Nov 10 Noon - 2pm
 Noon - Social Hour
General meeting - 1pm
General Meeting Christmas Party Plans
TARA TECH Gathering after regular meeting!
Nov ? 8am - 11am  Annual State Hospital Emergency exercise !! Barton Hospital -
DEC 8 N/A General Meeting
No Meeting ->>> Christmas Party on 2nd

TARA General Membership Meetings
are held the
2nd Saturday of each month
at the
click for map > Zephyr Cove Library < click for map
Zephyr Cove, Nevada.
Noon for a brown bag lunch,
1 pm for General Meeting.
Meetings are appx 1 hour long.
(**) Possible Guest speaker month, to be arranged
(**)BOD Meetings will be confirmed by email
Last update: Feb 7, 2018

TARA Contact: WA6EWV

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