TARA Repeater Systems and the Echolink Internet linking software

Installed: February 19, 2006

wa6ewv at Angels Roost 24 Repeater Ant View
Echolink is operational on 147.24 !!

As a local "24" user,
you just communicate through 147.24 as usual. You may well work anywhere in the world, depending on who's connected via the echolink program.

As a computer user,
look for the call WA6EWV-R. Connect through the program and you're online through the TARA 147.24 repeater.
Our node number is 7240 for access through touch-tone interfaces from OTHER EchoLink Radio Systems.

Please Note:
Touch Tone access
is NOT available to connect to other echolink nodes through the radio side of the 24 system.

You can utilize the program yourself
by downloading the software from the echolink site. Check it out as it's a neat way to add to the enjoyment of Amateur Radio.
Click on the linked picture below to visit the site and get the software.

click here for Echolink site

Echolink screen running under Windows