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America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride
A TARA Communication Event
Lake Tahoe

 TARA Contact: WA6EWV

Event Date: June 2nd, 2018 (Sunday)  
Start time: 6am  

Start / Finish Location: Hard Rock Casino
Appx Finish time: 6:30pm

TARA's Comm Events
are always full of challanges, learning and most of all FUN.
Please consider joining us
for a test of your FIELD operating and communication skills!
And, have a
 TARA Contact: WA6EWV

Specific Ride Information will be posted here soon
  • Operator Locations, times and staffing
  • Ride details specific to 2019 event
  •  A PDF Assignment and Time sheet will be available soon!  

    Current Assignments as of May 26, 2019
    Assignment Location / Info Open Time Close Time Assignees 1st Riders Appx Bulk Riders
    Comm Van NCS Hard Rock 05:00 18:00
    NCS Callsign is the club call
    See below for van assignments
    2pm - 6pm
    Team in Training Comm Center Hard Rock 07:00 18:00 Mike - KM6UWG
    Direct communication point with support Sags from Teams in Traning
    2pm - 6pm
    Rest Stop* Vikingsholm parking lot 89 Emerald Bay 05:30 11:00+ Tony - KB7NV & Mike - WM6K & Mary - K6MPW
    Rest Stop Homewood Resort Parking lot ---- ---- No Longer Manned - 2016
    Check Point* Tahoe City 06:30 15:00+ Daryl - KE7HXD & Karen & Parker - KF5SVH
    Rest Stop* Save Mart - Truckee 08:00 14:00+ Dave - KJ7WT & Christy
    Lunch Stop Kings Beach 08:15 16:00+ Ed - KG7ZOP & Manuel - KG6VOQ
    Rest Stop Half Spooner 09:15 17:15+ Thomas - KE7NCJ
    10:30am - 2:30pm
    Rest Stop Spooner Summit 09:30 17:30+ Matt - W7KJU & Cathy - N7HVN & Art - AB7FB
    Scott - KM6SSK & new operator: Emerson - KN6BNW
    11am - 3pm
    +Please Note - Extended Stay Time Possibly Required
    *Please Note Road closure information below for site access.

    Support And Gear Assignments:
    SAG Wagon Communicators
    are requested to join their drivers at the Hard Rock and be dispatched in sequence as directed by the ride coordinator.
    Assignment location/info Open Time Close Time Assignees
    Sag-1 Initial Stage Point - Hard Rock 05:30 18:30 Corey - KF7JVE
    Sag-2 Initial Stage Point - Hard Rock 05:30 18:30 Arnold - KQ6DI
    Sag-3 Initial Stage Point - Hard Rock 05:30 18:30 Bruce
    Sag-4 Initial Stage Point - Hard Rock 05:30 18:30 Thomas
    Road Signs Sag Initial Stage Point - Hard Rock 05:30 18:30 James
    MotoSag Initial Stage Point - Hard Rock 05:30 18:30 Jim - KG7IDG
    Sweep Initial Stage Point - Hard Rock 05:30 18:30 Reggie

    Hwy 89 - closes 6:30am - 8:30am
    (North Bound Lane Only, South Bound Lane remains open)
    If your location time is between this closure window,
    you'll need to be
    to get to your loacation on the West Shore on time !!
    (or take the LONG WAY around the East Shore!)

    Communication Frequencies:


    All communications...

    Communications: Logs and Protocol:
    Log sheets, (ICS 309), will be available or click on (ICS 309) link to print your own.
    A reconstruction of details and times can sometimes help Dispatch with a review of conditions.
    We appreciate getting those sheets from you, after the ride. (scanned email attachemnt is great!)

    Use of your tactical callsign is legal when you first begin your transmissions.
    As in: "NCS this is Truckee"
    Please remember to provide you legal FCC ID when you finish your traffic and you don't expect to transmit again in the next 10 minute time window.
    If you are not sure when you might transmit again, go ahead and sign with your tactical and FCC callsigns at the end of your traffic.

    Radio Communicator Duties:
    +Times to secure are approximate
    +Please be prepared to Stay Later
    The registered bikers...
    will (should) have: The ride coordinator (Curtis Fong)
    requires us to communicate a flow of information to him.
    This allows him to adjust his scheduling and position his SAG (Supplies and Gear) vehicles to
    be of greatest benefit. NCS will be regularly requesting flow information but site communicators
    are asked to initiate any information considered of value.
    There will be 3000 bicycles on course.
    Our communications are important to insure a safe and enjoyable experience for all!

    AMBBR Resources:

    In reporting incidents
    please make every effort to have the biker's number available.
    If it comes time to report a condition of a rider, get as much information as you can !
    1. bib #
    2. name
    3. sex
    4. age
    5. location
    6. extent of the problem, etc.
    This allows the ride director to determine a course of action.
    There are motorcycle SAGs and Vehicle SAGs on the course - work with them !

    Reporting injuries: Special note:
    Recent decisions in the California courts have held a person "treating" an injured individual legally responsible for their actions, and the results of their actions, for treating injured persons.
    TARA has no coverage for volunteer operators on this (or any) event for such an eventuality.
    As an example, Dispensing Aspirin is considered "treating" a person. If that person has a reaction, you can be held responsible for "treating" that individual.

    Every year we make an effort to get lunches to everybody.
    Every year we fail a little or a lot. Best practice is to bring your own food and drink !!

    The site crews aren't supposed to close shop until approved by the ride director.
    So let NCS know if you see something awry.

    Treat this as an exercise in preparation for true Emergency Communications.
    Keep a log - ICS form 309 works well for most of us.

    Please email questions to  TARA Contact: WA6EWV

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