FCC Radio Exams for 2023 / 2024

When & Where for a local VE
Amateur Radio Operator's license or upgrade session ?

There are presently two groups giving the exams in our area.

        Sponsor:         Carson VE Team - click to visit the ARRL exam pages for more information
        VEC:            ARRL
        Contact Person: Diana Moore - KJ7GVY  626-372-4012
        Where:          Carson Tahoe Hospital (in the Bristlecone conference room) 
                        1600 Medical Parkway Carson City, Nv. 89703
                             click for a Google map to Carson Tahoe Hospital 
        Starting Time:  9:00 - 10:30am (walk-ins allowed)
        Dates:          Jan 20, Mar 16, May 18, Jul 20, Sep 21, Nov 16
			 (3rd Saturday of Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Nov)  
        Sponsor:         SNARS - click to visit web site
        VEC:            ARRL
        Contact Person: Bill, NN7K (775) 356-1527  
        Where:          Regional Emergency Operations Center, 5195 Spectrum Blvd, Reno, Nevada
        Starting Time:  10:00 AM (NO walk-ins allowed)
        Dates:          Feb 18, Apr 15, Jun 17, Aug 19, Oct 21, Dec 9, 2023 
                        (3rd Saturday of Feb, Apr, June, Aug, Oct, Dec.)  

TARA's next HAM CRAM and EXAM Session
will be April 2024

Check back in 2024 for date, location and times.

The cost for an ARRL VEC exam session is $15.00.
Each sponsor gives the necessary written exams for all license grades.
Please bring original and copies of radio license and any CSCEs.
Dates, time, and location are subject to change.
Please confirm information
"contact person"
to attending an exam session.

NOTE: As of April 2022
additional fee paid directly to the FCC
is now required.

Click here for ARRL information page.

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