TARA Systems Information - November 23, 2017
All Equipment is Operational

November 23, 2017

The Echolink system
is down for repair and modifications.
I've been talking about this modification for a number of years so, here it goes.

The Echolink radio link has relied on a VOX (voice operated transmit) connection to activate the computer interface since its installation.
This would result in some "soft spoken" stations being dropped from activating the internet access.

With the addition of actual "wired" carrier sense circuits
a seperate uplink frequency,
we should have a much more responsive interaction with Echolink stations on 147.240Mhz.

I would hope to have it finished and on-line by Monday the 27th

Paul, wa6ewv

Both of TARA's main repeater antennas have been replaced as of September 14.
The replaced antennas have been in service for over 15 years!

The 147.240 and DMR 442.475 antenna is a Diamond X50a (far left tower).
The tri-band antenna which is primary for our 224.020 repeater was also replaced after 15 plus years (far right tower).
Notice the additional "ARM" extending from the tower to support each antenna.
That's the "Secret" for their "Longevity" on the tower at 9700 feet!

Additional work on site included a replacement system for the 147.330 link.
I'm using our spare kenwood VHF repeater modified for "base station" operation.
The modification is easily disconnected which allows a quick on site repair if the 147.240 repeater chassis should fail.
The audio and hang timers for the link still need to be adjusted, but it is currently operational.

Additional Installs and Maintenance for East Peak

1) Add a PL of 123Hz to the 224.020 repeater

2) Install a "Modified" Hot Spot for the DMR internet access.
Currently, if the Hot spot looses the 4G signal from a site overload, a reset requires an on-site visit.
The modified MiFi Hot Spot will allow a remote reset through the site controller.
(I don't have to run up to the site and press the buttons to restore the DMR network!)

Oh Yea
I finnaly broke down and took the NEW SUBBY to the site!
Now if I can only make myself drill the "HOLES" to replace the mag mounts!!

Paul, wa6ewv