TARA Systems Information - October 14, 2016
All Equipment is Operational

The DMR Repeater was moved to East Peak on Sept 28.
Frequency is now 442.475Mhz

(DMR Repeater, UPS Backup for internet bridge, modified router for bridge operation)

The replacement antenna system was also moved to its final tower position favoring the valley and Lake Tahoe.

(DMR antenna is the whilte vertical on right)

(DMR antenna looking out over Carson Valley)

The Color Code for repeater access
has been changed to
to accomadate another DMR system located in the Sonora pass area.

Initial tests and conversations show good performance with an HT for much of Lake Tahoe, Carson, Minden and Gardnerville.

Remember, since we are operating through the BrandMeister system, it's your choice for the Talk Groups you'd like to use.

Information links for BrandMeister and DMR:
https://hose.brandmeister.network/31268/ (requires chrome doesn't work with IE)