NR7A on 147.240 Mhz   East Peak, Nevada   9700ft on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe
East Peak 147.24 Vertical ant (note the ICE on left side) the 24 cabinet - front side winter backside view of east peak tower business side 24/uhf repeaters east Peak Radio Shack Mar 2005
1) East Peak tower view           2) Repeater cabinet       3) Winter view of tower         4) business side for 24 & UHF repeater        5) East Peak radio Shack with winter snow load Mar '05
east Peak Radio Shack No Snow
6) East Peak Shack NO Snow

NR7A 224.02 Repeater at East Peak Nevada
220 repeater cabinet and duplexers 224.02 vertical ant on right side of tower
224.02 Cabinet & Duplexers     24 vertical on left, 224.02 on right

WA6EWV 442.475 repeater at East Peak Nevada
front side view of 24/442.475 cabinet
The 442.475 and 147.24 share the same cabinet AND Antenna
442.475 is located below the 147.24 repeater