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At TARA's meeting in October, Cathy, AC7CE (Nevada Section, Public Information Coordinator) brought a unique PR video for Amateur Radio to our attention.

This unusual YouTube video known as "NIGHT" depicts AMATEUR RADIO as the "Dinosaur of the Internet" by the young and very talented actors.

This portrayal of Amateur Radio in action is certainly entertaining and provides a unique showcase of Amateur radio in an emergency situation.

Of course, the scenario in this video is very unlikely, but the usefulness and ability to communicate becomes a focal point under any loss of communication
and would hopefully demonstrate Amateur Radio's versatility at providing world wide contacts under the most unexpected conditions.

It also should serve as a reminder to all hams that emergency backup power can be the difference between
reacting in a positive manner compared to poor decisions that complicate a successful outcome.

This is Cathy's email providing information on the development of this unique Amateur Radio PR Video
NIGHT | Camp Hollywood 2021 Film
The Premiere of NIGHT, the Movie

During the Edmond (Oklahoma) Amateur Radio Society's ARRL Field Day 2021, Marcus Sutliff, N5ZY,
spoke with visitors from John D'Aquino's Young Actors Workshop (YAW) and learned of their plans to
make a short film in which amateur radio plays a role, and that they needed some help.

The filming was to take place in Stillwater, Oklahoma, and they needed someone with film or video experience
and someone who could serve as a technical advisor.

Kevin O'Dell, N0IRW -- a member of the ARRL Public Relations Committee -- became involved in the project,
and in short order, he was able to assemble radios and props, consult on the script, and get ready for a long day of filming.

Ham radio provides a tenuous link to the outside world in the film mystery.
(Note Kevin O'Dell's, N0IRW, QSL card at the upper left.)

The film's purpose is to give aspiring young actors a chance to hone their craft in a real movie environment.
Thanks to the Oklahoma Film and Music Office, they were able to shoot three movie shorts in Oklahoma.
In the Camp Hollywood 2021 film NIGHT, the young actors mature as the movie progresses.

The story begins on a day when the sun mysteriously has failed to rise. One character mentions firing up grandpa's ham radio.

His younger brother reminds him that he once called ham radio "the dinosaur's internet,"
but now it could be one source of help or information.

The actual internet is down, along with power, telephones, and apparently satellites. All the adults are conveniently absent.

The ending will leave you hoping for NIGHT 2 !!

The movie premiered recently and is now available on YouTube as a 34-minute short.

O'Dell stars as the ham radio voice of the Colonel. He and Sutliff appear in the credits, so stay through the end.

O'Dell got a shout-out from ARRL Oklahoma Section Manager Mark Kleine, N5HZR.

"Thanks, Kevin, for putting a great light on amateur radio," he said.

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