1800+ Riders!

Paul, WA6EWV

To all

Radio Operators:



Wow! This AMBBR communication event was filled with TARA operators
stepping in to help beyond their expected communication responsibilities!

The WX turned into a nightmare along the West and North shores.
Soaking rain, cold winds and riders just not prepared to deal with those types of conditions.

All of TARA's operators provided exceptional support for the ride and especially the riders themselves.

The Vikingsholm crew
endured the early morning cold and initial onslaught of riders.
Tony, KB7NV, Michael, WM6K and Mary K6MPW
all braving the elements to ensure the riders needs were communicated back to the hard Rock.

Tahoe City
also experienced drenching rain and dealing with the large amount of riders requesting to not only be SAGed,
but taken all the way back to the Hard Rock (start finish) due to the wet and cold.

Daryl, KE7HXD and Parker, KF5SVH
took the initial onslaught and kept the Hard Rock well informed of the developing circumstances with riders needing help.

Then, Dave, KJ7WT swooped in
providing relief for Daryl and Parker to head home to recuperate from their own cold WX exposure.
Dave then provided exceptional support to the riders and the communication command center.

Both he and his XYL went the extra mile running around the area in the rain locating riders
and reporting the ones requiring vehicle sag to return to the start finish at Hard Rock.
(Thanks Christy - Dave's XYL!)

And a big surprise was Brian, KN6SVZ and his son Dylan, KN6SDO,
providing communication support at Truckee!
Not just new hams and TARA members,
but Brian built a "homemade" yagi that provided an excellent signal back to the Hard Rock on 25 watts!

Kings Beach,

ended up working alone (this is a large area for lunch etc)
provided a warm up in his own truck for some very cold and shivering riders!

Phil, KJ7UNP provided communication from the Incline area
in a location that has been a major traffic issue in years past.
This was the first "manning" for the AMBBR event this year
and fortunately Phil wasn't "baptized by fire" with his first AMBBR experience.

Half Spooner
was busy as usual.
Tom, KE7NCJ along with Traci, W7PSI,
handled the later hours of the ride with excellent communication skills.
Indeed, Traci, who was a first time operator with AMBBR, sounded like a seasoned professional
while Tom, well I'm not sure just what Tom was doing most of the time,
but my suspicion is he was watching the girls go by and probably doing a very good job of it!

The final rest stop at Spooner summit
was again manned by Matt, W7KJU and Scott, KM6SSK.

Scott, KM6SSk and a future AMBBR rider!
Thanks Matt for pics
This location requires dedication and patience as the riders begin to slow down
but still need the full attention of the radio operators to insure their safe passage
to the "down hill" side of the last leg!

Additionally at the Hard Rock was the
Team in Training Tent.

Tony, KB7NV
volunteered to man the tent after his shift at Vikingsholm
providing a crucial link to the TARA communication Van
and the support teams from the Leukemia & Lymphoma socity.
These Riders can call their own support vehicles leaving
us searching for them when reported through the AMBBR support channels.

Finally, a note fron Curtis

Hey Paul,
Just a note to let you and your TARA Volunteers know that we appreciate all their efforts in manning their posts for the 29th Annual AMBBR.

As you know, it was a challenging day with rain and wet roadways with numerous flats and mechanical issues. And, the requests for SAG was overwhelming!

I would like to especially thank those of your team who communicated and allowed cold wet riders to warm up in their personal vehicles.
This was way beyond the call of duty!

Once again, BIG THANKS to all and Bike the West appreciates your continued support of our rides as we navigate forward to re-establish our rides in 2022.

We look forward to working with you and TARA for Tour de Tahoe on Sunday, September 11, 2022.

Best regards,
Curtis Fong
Event Director
Bike The West // TGFT Productions


Paul, wa6ewv