Technical Gathering

The after meeting Amateur Radio Technical Discussion Gathering !
Last Update:May 6, 2018

WELCOME to the 2018
"TARA Technical Gathering"
Information Page

Our Next Gathering will be May 12th at appx 2pm
(following the TARA General Meeting)

This month we invite some of our
Newest Amateur Radio Licensees
for a "Hands ON" introduction to ham radio operation.

For our experienced hams, please bring a radio to demonstrate and explain your use
if possible, please bring along programming cables and your computer
a new ham brings his new radio and we could program it for them!!

Otherwise, we might discuss other technical aspects of our hobby along with your personal experiences!
Hope to see you there!

The TARA Tech Gathering is for experienced and new hams alike.
The gathering will be held after the TARA General Meeting.
The actual format will be adjusted as needed for topics, participants, and time available.
Please join us!

TARA Contact: WA6EWV