Chuck Stoddard - NX6W
Our Friend - WA6SIM
Chuck & Paul
Field Day 1991
Our Best Amateur Radio Friend, Past TARA President, and prominent South Lake Tahoe Businessman,
passed away Thursday, June 8, 2017.

Chuck helped form TARA into the incredible Amateur Radio Experience we all enjoy today.
His enthusiasm never waivered from raising funds for our first repeater, to volunteering and organizing communication events.

Chuck was always around his radio, even at his shop known as "Stoddard the jeweler".
Watches were his specialty and I would visit and watch him repair the tiny gears and springs that made the watches of those days tick-tock away.

He was also a proficient CW operator using a bug to casually talk at 20 words a minute while he would carry on a conversation with me in his shack!
Every Field Day he was there start to finish.

Chuck truly lived the Amateur radio operator's code of life.
He was:
  • Considerate to all, not just fellow hams.
  • Loyal to TARA, Family, Friends and the city of South Lake Tahoe.
  • Progressive with his knowledge of ham radio and used it to provide everyday operation above reproach.
  • Friendly to all Hams, regardless of club affiliation, interests or local.
  • Balanced his life with ham radio, his family, and his involvement in the community of South Lake Tahoe.
  • And finally, Patriotic. He was always ready to help his community using ham radio with all the enthusiasm we all grew to take for granted.
We will miss Chuck, but he will live on in our thoughts and actions as we use his example to provide Amateur Radio Service to the community of South Lake Tahoe.

 a meeting presentation
Chuch showing off his all wood clock at a TARA meeting

receiving an award
Chuck receives an award for his outstanding service to TARA!

Peggy and Chuck at a TARA meeting
A Special moment at a TARA meeting !

 award presentation
Chuck receives his award for outstand service to TARA

Death Ride operations
Chuck working the "hot seat" at the Death Ride

more Death Ride
Still at work on the Death Ride

TARA Field Day in the van
Making contacts for Field Day in TARA's van

going away cake
Chuck's leaving the area party

Lunch break on the Death Ride

Field Day operations
Chuck and Paul Field Day 1991

DR awards
Chuck and the "TARA Death Ride" gang