TARA Membership Dues
Information for 2021!

Dues are $25 per year for new or renewing memberships
This rate applies to each INDIVIDUAL FULL MEMBERSHIP beginning January 1, 2021.

(TARA does not offer a "Family" or "Life Time" type of membership)

Please Note:
Due to the covid restrictions for regular in-person meetings,
membership renewals will need to be mailed to the clubs PO Box.

Consequently, we can only process checks or money orders.

Please send your
payable to "TARA" at:
PO Box 9467
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96158

"Associate Membership"
Please remember that TARA is unique in the area with an "Associate Membership" that requires only:
1) An FCC amateur radio license
2) The interest to be involved in amateur radio with TARA.
In other words, it's FREE.

No voting rights, but a great way to experience TARA before a decision to support the club financially.

TARA's yearly income has changed and we are adjusting our budget to reflect this expected loss of revenue and increased costs of operating.
These adjustments will help TARA continue to operate in the future at our current level of Amateur Radio and Community involvement.

Click here for the TARA 2021 Membership Application.